The sad record of the Netherlands‘ dealing with MH17

Published: 18-07-2018, 09:30

The official investigation of the rather obvious case of the MH17 disaster by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has been excruciatingly slow. Already, on the day of the shooting, on 17 July 2014, it was pretty clear that this missile could have only come from a regular Russian army unit. Who else would have had the opportunity to shoot from the separatist-controlled territory an airliner flying approximately 10 km high? Yet, it was the famous Bellingcat group, with its limited resources,...

The language crisis in Russia’s national regions: A forced or risky ploy by the Kremlin

Published: 14-07-2018, 10:45

In line with an instruction from President Vladimir Putin, in December 2017 the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, in conjunction with Rosobornadzor [Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science], presented a report on the voluntary study of national languages in Russian schools. Since September 2017 an inspection had been conducted on “a verification of compliance in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation with provisions of the law relating to ensuring the...

Xinjiang: Pan-Turkism fuels China’s hearts-and-minds campaign

Published: 13-07-2018, 05:30

Chinese efforts to woo Saudi Arabia’s ethnic Chinese community highlight the People’s Republic’s effort to avert criticism from the Muslim world of its crackdown in the north-western province of Xinjiang and strengthen relations with the kingdom and Middle Eastern nations. The efforts to woo a community, a significant part of which is of Turkic origin, identifies itself as Turkestani, and long supported greater rights, if not independence for Xinjiang’s Uyghur...


Expert comment: instability in the British Government

Published: 13-07-2018, 10:30

Dramatic perturbations have recently occurred in the British government. But what does all this chaos stand for? We spoke to our expert Murad Muradov on the issue.   What stands behind the recent turmoil within the British government?  Why have Ministers Davis and Johnson resigned? As it is the case with most of the turbulent events in British politics, the trigger is definitely the Brexit debate. Both Davis and Johnson, Ministers for Brexit and Foreign Affairs respectively, were...

Macedonia has the chance to become a regional pioneer in 21st-century pragmatism

Published: 3-07-2018, 02:55

After the decade-long dispute over the toponym Macedonia, the prime ministers of Greece and Macedonia have finally reached an official agreement. The settlement that has offered a new name, Republic of North Macedonia, was simultaneously hailed as “historic” and criticized. Kristjan Fidanovski, political science graduate and editor-in-chief of The Vostokian, will share his opinion on the recent developments around Macedonia.    Rusif Huseynov: The renaming agreement...

Belarus: improving the image without improving

Published: 22-05-2018, 05:05

More than two decades under Lukashenka, Belarus has become a unique state in Europe. It is a hybrid of Soviet past and pro-Russian present. Yet, the authorities emphasize the country`s independence from Russia from time to time. Prof. David R. Marples from the University of Alberta shares his opinion how the current Belarus moves forward in both internal and external dimensions.    Huseynov: Some commentators report the so-called Belarusization that has been taking place in...


China’s outstanding economic growth and the social problems it has caused

Published: 16-07-2018, 12:40

Amid the trade war going on between China and the United States, one may ask how China, one of the poorest countries in the world a few decades ago, grew into an economy that could challenge the United States, the sole superpower existing in the contemporary world. The strategy that lies behind China’s current economic power is its decision to bandwagon on globalisation, first by establishing Special Economic Zones in 1979 and then by joining the World Trade Organisation in 2001. The...

Strength and opportunity of the Libyan statehood

Published: 8-07-2018, 13:30

Till the beginning of the ‘Arab Spring’, Libya was considered one of the most sustainable states in the Arab world. Neither recurrent military conflicts (with Chad in 1972-1987, with Egypt in 1977), nor permanent tension in the region (according to the Index of Major Episodes of Political Violence developed by Center for Systemic Peace, in 1952-2012 an average indicator of internal and inter-state conflicts in the region of Libya and neighboring states amounted to 14,2 episodes of...

Madman theory as U.S. foreign policy under Trump?

Published: 7-07-2018, 10:00

It was reported in October 2017 that President Donald Trump advised the U.S. trade representative to intimidate their South Korean counterparts by telling them he was a madman. “You tell [the South Koreans] if they don't give the concessions now, this crazy guy will pull out of the deal,” Trump said, referring to the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement. Interestingly enough, this report coincided with President`s tweets on North Korea, which recommended Rex Tillerson, “our...

Events and opportunities

Topchubashov Essay Competition 2018

Published: 2-07-2018, 01:40

Dear readers and friends of the Topchubashov Center! We are glad to announce our first essay competition dedicated to the centennial of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. We want to spread our values of incisive research and high standards of knowledge; in this regard, we are now looking forward to your contributions to get a new, fresh perspective and hope to bring the brightest minds among you in our network of researchers and authors.  For the competition our team has prepared the...

CfP: The 2nd Politics and International Relations Congress

Published: 26-06-2018, 10:45

The 2nd Politics and International Relations Congress is being organized by the Department of International Relations at Karadeniz Technical University on 15-16 November 2018 in Trabzon, Turkey. The Congress aims to convene a vast array of contributors, including policy makers, practitioners and researchers to reflect the full diversity of the politics and international relations community from across the globe. Prospective participants should submit their short bio and abstracts to...

Call for Research Fellowships 2019/2020

Published: 3-06-2018, 06:05

The Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Centre for Global Cooperation Research (KHK/GCR21) invites applications for Research Fellowships in the period March 2019 – February 2020. Proposals regarding 1) pathways and mechanisms of global cooperation and 2) global cooperation under conditions of polycentric governance are especially welcome. The fully funded fellowships for up to 12 months are available to both senior and postdoctoral researchers across the humanities and social sciences. Deadline...

Edge of Change

Edge of Change (Issue 015)

Published: 21-07-2018, 11:35

Marxist world (by Robin Varghese) 14 June 2018 Robin Varghese argues in this essay that the Marxist theory, despite its obvious shortcomings, managed to predict with astonishing precision the essential problems of contemporary capitalism: inequality rising despite of growing efficiency and stagnant or falling living standards of the absolute majority due to the “race to the bottom” in terms of wages and working conditions. He shows that these problems are not temporary aberrations...

Edge of Change (Issue 014)

Published: 10-07-2018, 16:35

Macron Has Changed France’s Political DNA (by James Traub) 5 June 2018 James Traub, contemplating about the major outcomes of the first year of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency in France, claims that he has managed to bring a substantially new approach to the country’ politics. Being rightly seen as technocratic and a supporter of top-down governance, Macron, in order to overcome the perennial ills of overregulated French economy, has tried to bring revolutionary changes to the...

Edge of Change (Issue 013)

Published: 14-06-2018, 13:15

A coin for the U.S.-North Korea summit. May, 2018. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)    South-East Asia: lots of elections, not so much democracy 26 May 2018 The Economist piece emphasizes the lack of democracy in South-East Asia and states while only one state can be categorized as wholly free (East Timor), remaining countries are either partly free or not free at all. The author also states that this deficiency has deep historic roots, and since the 1970s and 1980s there have not been...


Carter doctrine

Published: 1-06-2018, 12:05

Carter Doctrine is a foreign policy initiative introduced by U.S. President Jimmy Carter on January 23, 1980 as a response to the Soviet Union’s intervention in Afghanistan. J. Carter declared that the U.S. would employ military force against any country that attempted to gain control of the Persian Gulf, thus warning away outside forces from the region.  The Carter administration recommended a 6 percent increase in the defense budget and created Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force...


Published: 5-05-2018, 00:10

The term Matryoshka-nationalism comes from the name of a wooden Russian doll called matryoshka which, reveals another, smaller doll inside, with the latter containing an even smaller doll.  The notion of Matryoshka-nationalism as a specific phenomenon of post-Soviet nationalism refers to separatist movements that emerged upon the dissolution of the USSR and implies the existence of a smaller ethnic group within a larger one. It became a trend in some countries in the early 1990s, when the...

Madman theory

Published: 15-03-2018, 10:05

Madman theory is a political theory commonly associated with the U.S. President Richard Nixon. He and his administration strove to convince the leaders of hostile countries that Nixon was irrational and volatile enough to take unpredictable actions. This tactic was supposed to induce the hostile nation to stand down and avoid provoking the United States, fearing an unpredictable American response.  The Madman Strategy was employed during the Cold War: when the Nixon...

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