Kosovo, Russia, the EU and the return of the United StatesThe end of the Cold War, the disintegration of the USSR, the destruction of Yugoslavia just ended the ideological struggle leaving the new geostrategic and identity crash site. The battles that followed in the 1990s, especially from Serbia to the states and provinces of the former Yugoslavia, were the Nazi-style identity war by the Serbian regime, a sluggish aid from the then stale Russia for geostrategic issues.

The entry into the new century was also the establishment of a new Russia, which fought against Georgia by dividing two provinces, against Ukraine taking Crimea and fighting in Donbas, plotting to crush Montenegro's power, opening military points in Eastern Kosovo and supplying Belgrade with artillery, media propaganda, strengthening Orthodox religious propaganda, implementing chaos plans based on the idea of General Gerasimov and many other actions.

Realistically, Russia is not returning, it is just reactivating, because it has always been in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and beyond, but rather as a loser, than as a winner of the allies and NATO member states. Understanding clearly that with classical wars, Russia cannot win anywhere, with diplomacy, however, lags far behind the West, with economic investment still weak, and with the attack on Ukraine has failed to South Stream, then a “military diplomacy of reprisals” has been restored.

A few years ago, when NATO gained ground with new membership, it seemed that Russia did not have anything against it, but when the terrain began to narrow, it came back first with Georgia, later with Crimea and somehow with Montenegro. Now, Russia considers and responds to every benefit of NATO and the West by counting as the loss of Russia. And the answer if it is not reciprocal, then is even more fatal, i.e. reprisal or retorsion, or as they say, "For every Moldova, there is a Montenegro. For every Ukraine, there is a Serbia.” “That we can continue with ourselves, “for every Bosnia there is a Republika Srpska. For every Kosovo, there is a North Mitrovica”, or even worse: “For every Kosovo, there is an Estonia.”...

Kosovo, Russia, the EU and the return of the United StatesAnd today, Kosovo is in the midst of the confrontation between the EU and Russia, where confronting both of them adds Kosovo's criteria for visa liberalization, EU membership, membership to other international organizations, etc. The EU countries have a much different diplomacy than the USA, the latter being a motor that does not easily kick, the details every time work at its best, and contains more bravery within its diplomacy. While the EU is a bit alike to this and is an old lady in diplomacy, so old and with diplomatic experience, that diplomacy puts fears on the West and Central European countries because their own diplomacy has often been the worst thing for them, worse the EU now holds itself within Russia's "Trojan horses".

This diplomacy, is the time for Kosovo to suffer, but not all for the blame of the EU, it is also Kosovo fault that for the sake of the personal interests of some politicians, for the sake of personalizing some politicians because of the cowardice and ignorance of most politicians, and because of the complete failure of diplomacy and the entire MFA as a structure since the declaration of independence, and so remains today. Diplomacy is no joke, and worse does not forgive and there is no amnesty because the states do not know God, mercy, sacred books and friends, but only interests.

The USA has always been with Kosovo, but lately it has given more jobs to the EU, and when the latter used the ignorance of so-called diplomats and politicians from Kosovo, it did not accidentally make the decision to do so part of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. Therefore, the proposal of the President of Kosovo, for Albania to provide passports to the people of Kosovo, is a tendency for him to threaten or to save something from all these misconduct that he has done at the expense of Kosovo.