Spider Diplomacy as a scheme of understanding the offensive and defensive of states diplomacyFrom many strategic concepts for international diplomacy that have been used, they are usually used as "patience strategy"  (Barack  Obama),  “strategic  responsibility”  (Donald  Trump),  “preventive  warfare”  (George  W.  Bush), "Chaos strategy" (Valery Gerasimov), etc. However, these concepts were more political than scientific, and for our scientific needs we need a schematic diagram that shows the basis, scope and purpose of diplomacy, a method for explaining  actions  that  would  provide  with  a  correlation  method.  That  scheme  we  will  call  "spider  diplomacy". 

Through this concept we will try to explain the diplomatic fury whether defensive or offensive that a state undertakes in certain cases. Such cases can be found quite differently from different states on the  eve of the beginning or end of the First and Second World War. However, on issues of the most accurate study, leaving space for other studies to clarify this concept, we will focus on the case of Serbia's diplomacy on the Kosovo issue, which includes the  time when it comes to "internal dialogue" in Serbia on the issue of Kosovo, and as a second instance, clashes between the world powers of countries such as the United States, Russia and China in the diplomatic and geostrategic aspects. The first case will be to enable us to explain the concept, while large power cases are about the definition of the concept and the approaches it takes at certain  moments. So this paper contains the definition, purpose and use of "spider diplomacy" by the state for certain purposes.


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