The Vilnius Summer School is a week-long academic program dedicated to facilitate dialogue and in-depth analysis in the field of military, cyber and energy security at national, regional and global level.

Three separate courses on military, cyber and energy security are offered in the 2nd Vilnius Summer School:

Military Security course gives you a chance to get in-depth understanding about current threats the Eastern flank of Europe faces and the counter-measures it applies to deter aggressors and defend both - regional and national - security interests.

Energy Security course provides you with an opportunity to gain knowledge about global energy tendencies and perspectives and how they correlate with regional and national developments of the European and the Baltic gas and electricity markets, as well as the remaining challenges the Baltic region faces in its efforts to enhance its energy security.

Cyber Security course will provide an opportunity to get more knowledge about today’s cyber security world, including the emerging cyber-threats and increasing cyber-attacks. It will provide a chance to get in-depth understanding about cyber-defence and possible countermeasures, get involved into discussion about international and regional cyber security issues and strengthen awareness about existing cyber-threats.

Why should anyone be interested in Vilnius Summer School? The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, is located near the geographic center of Europe. Such geographic location often leads to situations when Lithuania becomes the spot of clashes between the West and the East, especially in terms of security issues. Namely, the three courses of Vilnius Summer School 2018 will be devoted to discuss relevant issues of military, cyber and energy security.

When? 7-14 July 2018

Where? Vilnius, Lithuania

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