What can cross-cultural psychology tell you about your own cultural assumptions? Are you able to understand the unique challenges and benefits of living in a multicultural society? Are your professional or academic goals aimed at working successfully in international businesses, or in multicultural teams? 


Content: In this program you and a group of internationally-oriented students will examine the theory and practice of cultural diversity from a psychological perspective. The course closes with you conducting an interview with someone of a different cultural background, and writing a report based on the interview. 


Entry requirements: Bachelor/master/PhD students, all study fields are welcome; the course may be particularly suited for bachelor students of international business or other (international) social studies programs.


Taught by: Dr. Michael Bender, Dr. Byron Adams and a variety of guest lecturers. 


Start date: Monday 9 July 2018


Duration | ECTS: 2 weeks | 6 ECTS


Language of instruction: English


Application: For this course, students of all levels (BA/MA/PhD) and fields are welcome. No prior knowledge of (cross-cultural) psychology is required (but it of course helps). Applications must contain a CV and a motivation letter describing why an applicant would like to participate in the course. These documents should be uploaded during the registration process. Once you have completed your registration, the course coordinator will evaluate your application. Acceptance will be based on both CV and motivation letter.


Registration: The registration for Tilburg University Summer School must be completed by May 31st, 2018. Note that the Early Bird application deadline is April 1st, 2018. Tilburg University Summer School reserves the right to cancel the course in case there are not enough applicants. If the maximum number of students is reached, a waiting list will be used.


Additional information: For more information about Tilburg University Summer School (TUSS), go to webpage and/or send an e-mail to summerschool@tilburguniversity.edu. For more information about the content of the course, please send an e-mail to m.bender@tilburguniversity.edu