Rusif Huseynov (Editorial Staff)
Rusif Huseynov is a Baku-based independent researcher. He holds a bachelor degree of international relations from Baku State University and was recently admitted to SAIS, Johns Hopkins University. His main interest is peace and conflict studies, while his focus area covers mainly Eastern Europe, Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia
Murad Muradov (Editorial Staff)
Murad Muradov is an independent researcher who has recently graduated from an MSc in Comparative Politics course at the London School of Economics. He also holds an MA degree in International Affairs from the ADA University (Azerbaijan). Mr. Muradov's spheres of interest includes the Politics of Europe, post-Soviet countries and the Middle East, as well as international political economy.
Ilaha Zeynalli (Coordinator)
Ilaha Zeynalli is an independent researcher. She received her Bachelor’s degree in British Studies from Azerbaijan University of Languages and completed Master’s degree in International Relations at ADA University. She was an exchange student at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary at the Department of Social Sciences and International Relations for a semester. Her research interests cover energy geopolitics, Energy Policy of the European Union, geopolitics of the Middle East, and Russian foreign policy.


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