The Sino-U.S.affairs in the aftermath of the 1990s. Towards a Preventative Cooperation from a Superficial FriendshipThe Sino-American relationship may be the most convoluted affair that has ever existed between two major powers. Since the early 1990s, following China’s rapidly developing power, dealing with China has ultimately become a very heated affair among the U.S. officials and Chinese observers alike. Links between China and the United States are deepening, and at every level the interaction between the actors is marked by both cooperation and antagonism. Upper-level officials on either side of the Pacific have miscellaneous focal points on the bilateral relations. Chinese policymakers are most concerned with keeping the U.S. from upsetting their country’s impending rise and ascendance on the world stage under the Communist Party leadership. In their turn, their American counterparts fear that the rising Beijing would cast off the present international order which Washington purports to lead, and chart its own course. The superficial friendship has led to a significant instability in bilateral relations and the sides certainly have multiple diverging interests and lack mutual trust. There is no doubt that under President-elect Trump’s leadership, policies on China will be tougher as well. Experts assess the possibility of a sparking trade war between the super economies and Trump’s new team disposed to taking a hard line with China is preparing for implementing new, more aggressive policies in regard to the U.S.-China trade deficit.  However, from the financial and economic standpoint, there have been boosting trade volumes and a number of investment projects which have generated windfall profits to both economies for years. Therefore, could the countries maintain increasing interdependence in the domain of economic exchanges and trans-boundary transactions only then would their relationship remain stable and profitable, and might pave the way for developing a preventative cooperation, as well, which in its turn, would enhance strategic affairs.


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