Remedial secession:  A right to external self-determination as a remedy to serious injusticesThe latest developments in the world order and the growing humanist approach towards the international law do not and cannot simply leave it up to the states to entirely define fate of their populace. What if state abuses and violates human rights of a specific “people” within its territory? How could the “people” respond to such repression, discrimination and denial of representation? The answer could be partly found in the concept of the “remedial secession.”

The theory of secession can be classified into two categories: Primary Right Theories and Remedial Right Theories.

Primary Right Theories suggest that “certain groups can have a (general) right to secede in the absence of any injustice. They do not limit legitimate secession to being a means of remedying an injustice. Different Primary Right Theories pick out different conditions that groups must satisfy to have a right to secede in the absence of injustices.” 

According Buchanan`s definition, “Remedial Right Only Theories assert that a group has a general right to secede if and only if it has suffered certain injustices, for which secession is the appropriate remedy of last resort. Different Remedial Right Only Theories identify different injustices as warranting the remedy of secession.”


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