The role of the EURAs (European Union Readmission Agreements) in the return of irregular immigrants through comparative perspectives on return policies of France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden: Evidence from AzerbaijanThe thesis discusses how the domestic political institutions in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden shaped each nation’s migration policies in the context of these differing historical phases. Through a most similar system design (MSSD), this analysis shows that the strength and support of implementation in national migration of readmission agreement (EURAs) as a tool of return policy of four European Union Member States – France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden is a crucial condition of to account for the enactment (or failure) of returning irregular immigrants from abovementioned countries. However, transportation of the EURAs is not the straightforward process because of ‘roots’ in the administrative procedure of a national migration policy, and a sovereign prerogative of the Member States, while the EU system should support and facilitate such efforts. Further, information on the readmission agreement between the EU and Azerbaijan is described for analysing the cases occurred during implementation the EURAs.


Author: Shalala Valiyeva

Institution: ADA University, School of Public and International Affairs

Degree: Master of Public Policy

Date: 2017


You can download the entire text: Shalala-Valiyeva.-The-role-of-the-EURAs-in-the-return-of-irregular-immigrants-through-comparative-perspectives-on-return-policies-of-France-Germany-the-Netherlands-and-Sweden-Evidence-from-Azerbaijan.pdf [606,03 Kb] (Downloads: 26)


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